The Lost Continent

Miranda Miskel, Senior Editor

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Tui T. Sutherland, author of the Wings of Fire series, is releasing a new book this June. This book will be the eleventh installment in the Wings of Fire (WOF) series, and is the introductory book to a new arc.The official release date is June 26, 2018, and fans eagerly await every detail to be released.

On December 25th, 2017 the official title and cover were released. The Lost Continent will take place on an entirely new continent and with incredible new tribes and species of dragon. The book’s main character does not yet have a name, but it has been said and shown that the character is female and is a SilkWing.

The original seven dragon tribes and/or species from the first two arcs are MudWings, SandWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, RainWings, NightWings, and IceWings. The Lost Continent character is a new species that has large reinforced butterfly style wings colored a sky blue. With long, slender horns, and a new kind of tail it promises to be interesting to behold.

Tui, along with her publishers at Scholastic Publishing, have not said how many new tribes there will be or confirmed a prologue. They have however confirmed four books, and a special edition to follow this next edition. They have also said that the prologue will be in Clearsight’s point of view, who is a character introduced in the first special edition, Legends of Darkstalker. The prologue will be 2,000 years before the main plot and will initially introduce the once fabled “Lost Continent,” later to be known as Pantala.

The summary released for the book is this:

For centuries there have been rumors of another continent on the dragons’ planet — another land far across the ocean, populated by tribes of dragons very different from those we know. But there’s never been any evidence, and most dragons dismissed the rumors as fairy tales.

Until now.

Because it turns out the stories are true.

And the other tribes are coming.”


The book is being sold for pre-order on the Barnes and Noble site for $14.71 as a hardback and also as a Nook for $10.99.

This book holds promise for author and reader alike as everyone eagerly awaits its summer release.

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The Lost Continent